Trunk-or-Treat in Pinckney Neighborhood – Saturday, October 29th

dsc_0047All you ghosts, goblins, superheros, dragons, witches, wizards, and every other imaginable scary, silly or sensational trickster – listen up! The Pinckney Neighborhood Trunk-or-Treat is back!


All Pinckney and Old West Lawrence residents, and all families of students at Pinckney Elementary School are invited!



Admission is FREE!!!   Donations to Health Care Access Clinic encouraged.  
There is NO admission charge. We encourage you to bring donations for Health Care Access Clinic. Donations will be given in memory of Barbara Sufian, former PNA vice president, who passed away earlier this month. (List of needed items below.)

What will be Happening?
There will be so many fun things to do! Games, candy, costume contests, great things to eat and drink, and friends and neighbors to meet!  Here is just a sample of the amazing stuff that will be the Trunk-or-Treat:
Lawrence Fire Department – Fire Truck!
Lawrence Police Department – Squad SUV!
US Army Recruiting/Army Reserves – decorated vehicle
Sound Innovations – MUSIC!
Kryfka family Hearse
PNA Go-Fish game
Haunted Duck Toss
Spinning-Wheel Game – win pumpkins
Crown Liquor Warehouse – game & treats
And you can set up a trunk or game, too!

How Do I Participate? 
You and the kids can just show up at 4 to play games and get candy and other treats, BUT it would be way more FUN to also have a trunk or game! It’s simple – pick a Halloween theme, get a few decorations and a little candy or trinkets to give away, and show up about 3 p.m. to set up your trunk or game. Of course, you can pull out all the stops and try to win one of the fabulous prizes for best costume, best game or best decorations! Showtime is 4 p.m. sharp!

If you have any questions or want to join in the planning effort, please call or text Pat Miller at 785-550-6958 or by email at – or visit PNA on facebook at “Pinckney Neighborhood Association

Donate to Health Care Access Clinic at the Trunk-or-Treat
We are again proud to include a project to help out Heath Care Access Clinic as part of our annual Trunk-or-Treat neighborhood gathering. Health Care Access Clinic, located at 330 Maine Street in the Pinckney Neighborhood, is a 28-year old nonprofit organization with a mission of facilitating access and providing health care services for Douglas County, Kansas residents with limited financial means who are not covered by private or governmental insurance programs. Your donation of cash and other needed items for Health Care Access Clinic will help them fulfill their mission. Please consider bringing a donation of a few dollars or any of the items listed below to the Trunk-or-Treat. You donations are greatly welcome, but not required, to participate in the event.

Items Needed by Health Care Access Clinic
Round band aides
Medicated band aids
Disposable or regular wash cloths
Mucinex 600 and 1200mg (plain and DM or other long acting expectorant)
Dylsem Syrup or similar 12 hour cough suppressant
Phenylphedrine HCL 5mg (Sudafed or similar): packages of 20-40 (larger pkgs cannot be dispensed)
Ibuprofen 200 mg
Naproxen 220mg
Acetaminophen 325 and 500mg
Generic Benadryl 25mg pills and cream
Generic Dramamine 50mg
Generic Claritin 10mg packages of 100
Generic Zyrtec 10mg packages of 100
Glucose Tablets: packages of 10 or 50 or more
Pill splitters
Hand sanitizer (alcohol)

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Upcoming events and PNA meetings

Saturday June 11 Blues & Bluegrass by the River 1:00pm-11:00pm.
Free event with a can of food donation for Just Food
Lawrence Community Fest

Saturday June 18 Pinckney Neighborhood potluck picnic
11:00am-1:00pm in Clinton Park – SE corner of 5th and Maine Streets

Monday July 4 GOFOURTH
Family Fun and Fireworks event at Burcham Park

Saturday July 16 PNA Monthly Meeting
10:00am at Lawrence Memorial Hospital,
lower level, meeting room D-South.

Saturday August 20 PNA Monthly Meeting
10:00am at Lawrence Memorial Hospital
lower level, meeting room D-South.

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Upcoming Meetings and Events

PNA Meeting Saturday March 19th 10:00am-Noon
at Lawrence Memorial Hospital,
lower level, meeting room D south original viagra kaufen.

Saturday April 9 Pinckney Parks Cleanup Event
10:00am at Clinton Park 901 w. 5th st.

April 16 – PNA Monthly Meeting
10:00am at Lawrence Memorial Hospital,
lower level, meeting room D south.

May 21 PNA Monthly Meeting
10:00am at Lawrence Memorial Hospital,
lower level, meeting room D south.

June 18 Pinckney Neighborhood potluck picnic
11:00am-1:00pm in Clinton Park 901 West 5th St.

Monday July 4 GOFOURTH
Family Fun and Fireworks event at Burcham Park

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Downtown Grocery Survey.

Pinckney neighbors are encouraged to participate in a survey about a downtown grocery store. The idea of downtown grocery in the former Border’s location at 7th and New Hampshire is still being considered. An established full service grocery company has expressed interest, done the initial feasibility study, has the support of city leaders and has spoken with the current building owners. They have asked for more feedback from residents and business in the community. Surveys can be submitted through Dec. 14th (possibly extended a couple days), and can be submitted online.  Paper copies are available through Douglas County Health Dept. second level or through PNA Communication Coordinator Lance Fahy. Here is a link to take the survey.

Downtown Grocery Survey

Please email Lance at if you have any questions.

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Next PNA Meeting

The next PNA meeting will be on Saturday January 16, 2016   10:00am at Lawrence Memorial Hospital lower level, meeting room TBA.

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City’s Solid Waste Division news for the Holiday Season

Here’s information from the City’s Solid Waste Division that will help you through the holiday season:


‘Tis the season of giving! On Monday, December 7th and Monday, December 14th (weather permitting), the City’s Solid Waste Division crews will be picking up new, unwrapped toys for donation along the regularly scheduled yard waste collection routes. All toys collected will be donated to the Lawrence Police Department’s Blue Santa Program. Residents may set out donation items next to their yard waste on either Monday. If residents do not wish to set out toys at the curb, they may drop off donation items directly at any Toys for Tots collection bins. Note, if yard waste collection is cancelled due to inclement weather on December 7th or 14th, the toy collection will not occur either. Instructions will be posted with the notice of service cancellation at


Saturday, December 12th will be the last Saturday this year the City’s Wood Recovery and Compost Facility will be open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the following:
• Residents may drop off brush and other yard waste which includes leaves, grass clippings, garden waste and prunings from trees and shrubs. Cost: $5 per pickup truck load (more for larger trucks). Cash only.
• Residents may purchase compost or woodchips. Self-load only, bring a shovel. Cost: $10 per pickup truck load (more for larger trucks). Cash only.

The facility is located at 1420 E. 11th Street, which is east of 11th and Haskell Avenue, over the railroad tracks.

In March 2016, the facility will re-open to the public on Saturdays. For additional information, visit


Monday, December 21st (weather permitting) will be the last day of separate yard waste collection for the 2015 calendar year. Yard waste collected on Mondays is transported to the City’s Wood Recovery and Composting Facility and converted into compost for beneficial use by our citizens and city landscaping needs.

Yard waste collection will resume on Monday, March 7, 2016 (weather permitting). During the interim, yard waste will be picked up with regular household trash.

Alternatives to setting out yard waste for curbside collection are mulch mowing and backyard composting. Backyard composting bins are available for sale to Lawrence residents receiving residential trash service from the City of Lawrence by calling (785) 832-3030. Information on composting is available at


There will be no residential trash and recycling collection on Friday, December 25th due to the Christmas Day holiday and Friday, January 1st due to the New Year’s Day holiday. During these two weeks, the residential trash and recycling collection routes for Friday will be delayed by one day, moving Friday routes to Saturday collection.


Recycling your Christmas tree following the holidays is a great way to return it to nature. Lawrence residents may place live-cut trees at the curb or alley by 6:00 a.m. on Monday, January 4th and Monday, January 11th for collection. The trees will be used for wildlife habitat. Please remove all artificial items including tinsel, lights, ornaments and tree stands. For additional information, visit

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PNA Email Sign-up

Subscribe to the PNA email List

* indicates required

View previous PNA e-newsletters.

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November 2015 PNA Meeting

The next PNA meeting is scheduled for Saturday Nov. 21, 10:00 am Lawrence Memorial Hospital, lower level, room D-South.  All Pinckney Neighborhood residents are welcome as well as businesses.

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Welcome to PNA’s New Communications Coordinator – Lance Fahy

PNA is pleased to announce that Lance Fahy​ is our new communications coordinator! We sincerely appreciate the interest of all who applied for this position, and we look forward to your continued involvement in making Pinckney Neighborhood a great place to live. Lance’s responsibilities will include managing much of our communications through Facebook, newsletters, emails and our website. Please join us in welcoming Lance on board.

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Part Time Job Opening – PNA Communications Coordinator

The Pinckney Neighborhood Association (PNA) is seeking a part-time Communications Coordinator. If you are interested in applying, please review the summary of the job description and expectations listed below. The position pays up to $15 per hour, depending on skills, and generally requires about 20 hours a month. All are welcome to apply; PNA is an equal opportunity contractor.  Applications accepted until October 1: start date as soon as the coordinator is chosen and hired. Submit a statement of interest and a resume to

The Coordinator’s contract will begin as soon as possible and will be completed on July 31, 2016, which is the end of PNA’s grant year. Renewal of the contact is possible following an annual evaluation to be conducted in June. If needed, the position will be advertised in July for the following grant year.

Position Summary: The Coordinator for the PNA is responsible for completion or coordination of communications and related responsibilities, including:
•coordinating and attending regular meetings
•filing quarterly PNA reports with the City of Lawrence
•planning for and coordinating yearly events
•preparing 4 to 6 newsletter or postcard mailings and monthly e-newsletters with news and notices affecting the neighborhood
•maintaining PNA email inbox and responding to emails, as directed by the PNA Board
•coordinating signage and advertising for PNA events
•other various tasks as assigned by the PNA Board
The Coordinator will be expected to take initiative, contribute ideas, and keep the PNA Board informed of the Coordinator’s activities. The Coordinator must schedule time efficiently and work through objectives to meet goals and deadlines on time.

Skills and Attributes: PNA seeks a communications coordinator who has excellent organizational, writing, editing, verbal and interpersonal skills and proficiency with, and access to, Microsoft Word, g-mail, MailChimp, WordPress websites and Facebook. The coordinator must own or have access to a reliable computer with internet access. The Coordinator must maintain professional demeanor and appearance while representing PNA.

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