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The PNA newsletter will be published 3 to 4 times each year.  In addition, a large postcard is often published before a big neighborhood gathering, such as the annual potluck picnic or the trunk-or-treat. Each mailing will be distributed to residents of the neighborhood as well as local businesses and organizations.  A PDF version of the newsletters and posters will also published on this site.

To contribute information to the newsletter or for questions, please contact Pat Miller:  785-550-6958 or

PNA September 2015 Newsletter
PNA February 2015 Newsletter
PNA August 2014 Newsletter
PPNA February 2014 Newsletter
PNA August 2013 Newsletter
PNA April 2013 Newsletter
PNA January 2013 Newsletter
PNA November 2012 Newsletter
PNA September 2012 newsletter
PNA April 2012 newsletter
PNA February 2012 Newsletter
PNA September 2011 Newsletter
PNA April 2011 Newsletter
PNA January 2011 Newsletter
PNA November 2010 Newsletter
PNA August 2010 Newsletter
PNA April 2010 Newsletter
PNA January 2010 Newsletter
PNA July 2009 Newsletter

Why PNA Mails a Paper Copy of the Newsletter

We’re often asked why we continue to mail the newsletter to people who have signed up for the PNA e-mail list.  We do so because of the mobile nature of residents in the Neighborhood – we want to make sure everyone who lives in or cares about Pinckney Neighborhood gets a copy of the newsletter, even if they have recently moved or changed their e-mail address.  While this is expensive – almost $1,000 per edition – we believe this is the best way to make sure everyone get important Neighborhood information and stays connected.


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