Fall Photo Entry Deadline Extended to Noon Friday November 16th

Life is busy! So to take just one burden off your plate, we’re extending the deadline to submit photos for the Pinckney Neighborhood Fall Photo Invitational until noon on Friday November 16th. The photos will be viewed at the PNA monthly meeting on November 17th and included in the Pinckney Fall Colors photo gallery. Check out a few of the photos that have been submitted.  You don’t need to be  professional. We’re just hoping to collect pictures of what you think make Pinckney Neighborhood a great place to live.

Submit your photos to Pinckney.Neighborhood@gmail.com

All we need is the name of the photographer (you can even make something up if you don’t want your real name used on the credits).  You can also add information about the subject matter and where and when the photo was taken.  We suggest a limit of 5 for each person submitting photos, but if you really have 6 or 7 that are just so great you have to send them in, we can be flexible.


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