Moving Out? Donate or Recycle Unwanted Items!

green-recycling-symbolJuly and August are peak months for moving out of apartments and homes in Lawrence. Moving can create a lot of waste. A little planning and preparation goes a long way toward reducing the amount of waste your move produces. By reducing waste, donating anything reusable, and recycling what you can before choosing to throw something away you will provide many benefits to everyone in the neighborhood. Benefits include reducing blight from litter in your neighborhood and proper disposal of household hazardous waste.

Here’s information from the City of Lawrence to help make it easier to choose to recycle/reuse. The attached PDF flier has many links to helpful websites:

Clothing & Household Items
Goodwill Store (331-3908),
Penn House (842 – 0440),
Planet Aid
St. John’s Rummage House (331 – 2219),
Salvation Army (856-1115),
Social Service League Store (843 – 5414)

Friends of the Lawrence Public Library (843-3833)

Building Materials, Non-upholstered Furniture, Large Appliances
Habitat for Humanity Restore (856-920)

Audio Reader (864-4600),
Best Buy (843-0657),
Doctor Dave (218-9676),
Goodwill (331-3908),
Office Depot (841-6688),
UNI Computers (841-4611)

Paint and Cleaning Supplies
City of Lawrence/DG Co. Household Hazardous Waste Facility (call 832-3030 to schedule an appointment)

Non-perishable Food
homeless shelters, food banks, or soup kitchens

Some larger items may be acceptable for pick-up. Schedule a pick-up by calling Habitat for Humanity Restore (856-6920) or Salvation Army (816-421-5434).

REDUCE the amount of waste generated by using reusable or recyclable padding like towels, cloth napkins, or newspaper to pack your boxes instead of purchasing Styrofoam peanuts or plastic wrap.

BUY/SELL REUSABLE GOODS: Local newspaper listings, thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops, eBay, Amazon, craigslist, freecycle

Find more informatin about the City of Lawrence recycling program here:
or by calling: 785.832.3030


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