Trunk or Treat – Sun. Oct. 29th from 3 to 5 – LMH parking lot

Get your costumes and trunks ready! Trunk-or-Treat is back! Saturday October 29th – set-up starts at 2; trunk-or-treaters are welcome from 3 to 5. Lawrence Memorial Hospital parking lot (enter at 4th and Arkansas).

All residents of Pinckney Neighborhood and Old West Lawrence as well as all families of Pinckney School students are welcome.

It’s FREE, it’s FUN and it’s EASY to get involved. We need your trunks and games so there are plenty of activities for the kids. Just decorate your trunk with a Halloween theme or set up a game and hand out candy, trinkets, etc. to the kids. You can keep it simple, or you can go all out!

Some of the confirmed Trunk-or-Treat participants include Fire Station No. 1, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Omega Phi Alpha Sorority, and of course the PNA Go Fish game!

Spread the word and invite your neighbors – please share the facebook event post: PNA Trunk or Treat

Collecting Donations for Health Care Access!
Each year we also support a local social service organization. This year we are again collecting donations of cash and needed items for Health Care Access, which is located at 330 Maine Street. You can drop off your donations at the PNA table (next to the Go Fish game).

HCA serves as a welcoming health home in Douglas County for persons with limited financial means. It create access to a continuum of community based services to promote health and well-being. Through an active collaborative spirit it advocates for healthy people and communities. Throughout two decades of service to Douglas County, HCA has provided primary care services, referrals to specialists, prescription medication, and health education to over 14,000 of our friends and neighbors, without incurring debt and without federal funding.

In addition to cash, here’s a list of the most needed items for HCA’s over-the-counter Med Room:

Note – packages of meds are not split, so other than allergy meds and vitamins, they mostly need smaller package sizes.  Also, HCA can always use pill splitters!

For cold & flu season (* MOST needed items *)
Mucinex® 600 and 1200mg (plain and DM, or other long-acting expectorant)
Delsym® syrup (or similar 12-hr cough suppressant)
Phenylephrine HCL 5mg (Sudafed® PE, or similar)

Pkgs of 20 to 40 tabs or caps:
Ibuprofen 200mg
Naproxen 220mg
Acetaminophen 325 and 500mg
Docusate sodium 100mg
Diphenhydramine 25mg (gen. Benadryl®)
Diphenhydrinate 50mg (gen. Dramamine®)
Loratidine 10mg (gen. Claritin®); also pkg/100
Cetirizine 10mg (gen. Zyrtec®); also pkg/100
Meclizine 12.5 and 25mg
Excedrin HA® (or gen. acetaminophen/aspirin/caffeine)
Glucose tablets (pkgs of 10 and 50/up)

Pkgs of 100 tabs or caps:
Fish oil 1000mg
Vitamin D 1000U
Calcium (pref. citrate or fumarate), at least 600mg, with or without Vit D
Adult multivitamins
Iron 325mg tabs (or slow-release tabs)
Melatonin – 3 to 5mg

Hydrocortisone 1% crm – 1 oz. tube
Clotrimazole 1% crm  – 1 oz. tube
Anti-Itch crm (gen. Benadryl®) – 1 oz. tube
Triple antibiotic ointment and cream – 1 oz. tube
Magnesium citrate solution (dye-free) – 10 oz
Refresh® Tears (or similar long-acting lubricant eye drop)
Miralax® powder (or similar; 7-day size)

Children’s liquids:
Decongestant (nasal congestion) – phenylephrine 2.5mg/5 ml; 4 oz
Expectorant (chest congestion) & cough – guaifenesin 100mg + dextromethorphan 5mg/5 ml; 4-8 oz
Allergy – diphenhydramine 12.5mg/5ml; 4 oz

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