Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

By | January 31, 2023

Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget –┬áBecause we spend our summers in Texas, having ready access to water is an absolute necessity. In this area, temperatures in the triple digits very well mandate either staying inside or remaining in the water. Finding the ideal tiny above-ground pool for our backyard to use throughout the summertime was a huge source of excitement for me. It’s not only easy on the wallet, but also quick and painless to set up!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most innovative low-cost concepts for backyard swimming pools. We can help you find the perfect pool for your backyard, whether you want a little pool to lounge in during the hot summer months or a large pool that will serve as the focal point of your outdoor space 4 foot inground pool.

Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

So let’s dive in !

Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Important Considerations

If you want to get the most out of your investment in a backyard pool while staying within your financial means, you need carefully analyze and rank the reasons you want one. Swimming pools can be utilized for a wide variety of reasons, including aesthetics, physical health and fitness, recreation, affordable inground pool ideas, social events, and even more. Consider this, for example, when choosing the type of pool to purchase, designing the layout of the pool, and deciding which features you want to include in order to save some money: if the primary reason you want a pool is to swim laps, for example, you should keep this in mind when making these decisions.

When looking for a pool for your backyard on a budget, longevity and return on investment are two important factors to take into account. Although the initial cost of some pools is significantly lower than that of others, some pools are designed to be temporary rather than permanent. If you plan to use the pool for the next 10 years, it can be worthwhile to make an investment in a longer-lasting, more robust pool so that you can save money on the costs of replacement and repair.

Types of Pools to Consider for Your Backyard When Considering a Budget

Indoor or In-Ground Pools: There are ways to make inground pools function within a budget, despite the fact that they often have a higher initial investment than their aboveground counterparts. To begin, there are several distinct kinds of in-ground pools, and some of these pools are more reasonably priced than others affordable pool designs. Pools with vinyl liners often have the lowest starting expenses, and the material may be molded into a variety of forms and dimensions.

Vinyl liners, on the other hand, have a higher care requirement and typically need to be replaced after only four to seven years. In-ground fiberglass pools are initially more expensive than in-ground vinyl pools; however, because fiberglass pools are more durable and long-lasting, they have the potential to save you money in the long run. In comparison to concrete, the cost of using fiberglass is significantly lower.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

It should come as no surprise that an above-ground swimming pool is installed above the ground. Above-ground pools are often far less expensive than inground pools, and their installation requires much less time and work. We will compare the average cost of these two types of pools in the next section affordable pool ideas. Another benefit of having an above-ground pool is the ease with which it may be relocated or upgraded, in contrast to the much more permanent nature of an inground pool.

Plunge Pools

One further strategy for cutting costs is to restrict the size of the swimming pool to the bare minimum. Both a little plunge pool and a larger cocktail pool can be as fun in a backyard setting, but the type of pool you get will depend on your priorities. They are wonderful for refreshing oneself, spending quality time with one’s significant other, or getting together with a select few close friends.

Semi-Subterranean Swimming Pools

A semi-inground swimming pool is one that is partially built in the ground and partially installed above ground, as suggested by the name of this type of swimming pool. The elevated sides offer a variety of potential uses, including as bar space, water features, and entry points to the pool. You have the option of building an inground pool that is semi-inground or installing a semi-inground pool that is above ground; however, the former option is significantly more cost effective.

Swim Spas

You might want to think about getting a swim spa rather than a traditional pool. A swim spa is comparable to an above-ground pool; however, they generally have additional amenities, such as built-in current systems for exercise, jets for hydrotherapy, comfy seating for rest and relaxation, affordable small pools, and other similar amenities. They provide a lot of versatility since in addition to acting as a pool, you can also use them as a hot tub.

Ideas for Outdoor Furniture for Children and Swimming Pools

If you have children, they are most likely going to be very excited about the prospect of having a pool in the backyard. If you want them to make the most of their time at the pool, think about installing some exciting new attractions, such as a slide, diving board, pool volleyball net, or shallow sun shelf. Despite the fact that they often come at a low cost, pool floaties are almost always a hit with children.

When it comes to furniture for the poolside, there are several options available that are sized appropriately for children. If you buy lounge chairs or other furniture with cushions, you will save money in the long term with cushion covers that are detachable, able to be washed in the machine, and that are waterproof. No matter what kind of outdoor furniture you have or how small it is, we can design cushion coverings that are a perfect fit for them basic inground pool designs.

Considerations to Make Before Purchasing a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool dug into the ground.

This location is often commonly referred to as the underground swimming pool. The majority of homeowners, particularly those who have large families, opt to install this form of pool because it is the most common and widespread option available.

The majority of homes can benefit from the addition of an underground swimming pool, which not only makes the property more beautiful and luxurious but also provides a source of amusement for families who like to unwind by the poolside basic pool designs. The installation and upkeep costs of an underground pool are significantly higher than those of the other type.

A pool that is above ground.

This is a more cost-effective choice to consider if installing an in-ground pool is not in the cards for you. The installation process is simplified and the product is typically sold in a kit. Therefore, you have the option of using the assistance of a professional to install it for you, or you may easily install it yourself without any issues if you have experience with DIY projects.

The installation of an above ground pool just takes a few days, in contrast to the several weeks that are required for an underground pool. Because it is portable, you can take it with you to your new home if you make the decision to relocate at some point in the future.

People Also Ask About Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

How much does it typically cost to construct a swimming pool?

In-ground pools with vinyl liners have, as a rule, best small inground pool designs, the lowest beginning prices. Consequently, acquiring a pool with a vinyl liner will result in the lowest overall cost to you. The installation of a vinyl liner pool can range in price from $35,000 to $65,000 on average. The pool can be fashioned by the homeowners into a wide variety of shapes and layouts.

What alternatives are there to having a pool?

A misting system. Photo courtesy of MistAir Arizona.

A stock tank.

A pool at the back of a truck.

A creek in the backyard

A play area with water.

A DIY slip ‘n’ slide.

What kind of swimming pool design works best for a yard with limited space?

Due to the fact that they provide room for decking, patio furniture, and various landscaping options, freeform pools are quite popular in backyards that are on the smaller side best small inground pools.

Which types of swimming pools require the least amount of upkeep?

Because fiberglass pools require the least amount of upkeep over time, their overall cost is lower. The only major expenses you’ll have are for water chemicals ($175 per year) and electrical energy ($200 per year) to power the pump and filter system. The cost of maintaining a fiberglass pool for a decade is approximately $3,750.


Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget – Even if you just have a limited amount of room in your house, you can still enjoy the opulence and sense of accomplishment that come along with being a budget friendly pool ideas owner. You will find that the ideas in this article will be helpful to you in the design of your pool, even when you have limited space and a limited budget.

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