Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas

By | December 18, 2022

Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas – The compelling narrative that lies behind god of war tattoo designs not only serves to lend further significance and depth to the designs’ symbolism, but it also serves as a source of inspiration, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. In this article, we will highlight some incredible tattoo concepts that come from the God of War video game franchise, as well as the top tattoos for Mars, Ares, and Odin.

If you’re a fan of the God of War video game franchise, you’re going to absolutely like having a custom-made God of War tattoo design produced for you. Adonis greek god tattoo this franchise of action-adventure video games has been around since 2005.

Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas

When the very first game in the series was introduced on the PlayStation 2 gaming device.

Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas

Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas

In Greek mythology, who is Kratos and what does he do?

If you are interested in getting a tattoo depicting a Greek god of war, you should probably familiarize yourself with the characters, and more specifically Kratos, so that you can provide an explanation to those who are curious about your decision to acquire such a gorgeous new body art piece alexander the great symbol tattoo.

According to an old tradition, Kratos and his three siblings, Zelus, Bia, and Nike, served as fiercely loyal enforcers for Zeus. Kratos was the oldest of the four siblings. Naturally, Zeus was the most powerful deity in the entire pantheon. He was in command of Mount Olympus and the other gods that resided there.

Gods of War From a Number of Different Religions

In a variety of religions and mythologies, gods of battle have played an important role. There are a lot of people who have comparable qualities and personalities, alexander the great tattoo designs, but they all have their own special quirks that help them stand out from the crowd.

The following are some of the most well-known figures in Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology:

Ares, also known as the Greek god of war, is one of the twelve Olympian gods and the son of Hera and Zeus. Ares is also known as the champion of the gods. He often personifies the unbridled, aggressive, and physically demanding parts of combat, and he is known as brutality.

Tattoo of an Ares

Ares is the eldest son of Zeus and Hera, but according to history, he was not well liked by either the people of earth or the gods who were his contemporaries. On the battlefield, he was frequently seen as a mindless butcher who slaughtered both enemies and comrades alike, earning him this reputation alexander the great tattoo ideas. His sister, Athena, who presided over war affairs with a level mind and military brilliance is the complete antithesis of him when it comes to his unbridled need for blood and his ruthlessness.

The Meaning Behind Ares Tattoos

Ares was recognized throughout mythology as the deity who delighted in the insanity of war and the frenzy of conflict. This trait of Ares earned him the name “God of War.” That was where he excelled, for it allowed him to release all of his power upon his many adversaries. It was common knowledge that he was a powerful natural force, capable of changing the course of the conflict merely by his existence. His mere presence inspired allies and foes alike with fear, craziness, and a desire to fight to the breaking point.

Concepts for an Ares Tattoo

In Greek mythology, Ares is frequently shown as having full body armor on, along with a helmet, shield, sword, or spear, depending on the myth. He travels around in a chariot drawn by four horses and is frequently followed by his sons Deimos and Phobos, in addition to vultures and dogs. Ares is frequently depicted as a ferocious Spartan warrior, complete with armor, a helmet, a round shield with a symbol on it, and a spear ancient greek and roman tattoos. This warrior is able to repel any adversary who dares to challenge them.

This is a Hyper Realistic Tattoo of an Ares

The first example of an Ares tattoo that we are going to show you is this particular one since we believe that it exemplifies the primary aesthetic of an Ares tattoo the best. This tattoo is done in a hyper realistic style, with a lot of style and a lot of strength; it feels as though you can feel the energy emanating from it, don’t you think? We are impressed with the amount of attention to detail that was put into this tattoo ancient greek god tattoos, as well as the skill of the tattoo artist, Adam Blake, who works at New Mind Tattoo in Huddersfield, which is located in West Yorkshire, England.

Sleeve tattoo on the arm featuring Ares and Zeus

You can view an incredible and very finished tattoo at this location. This time around, the arm sleeve is a complete piece, and it features two figures: Zeus and Ares. You can see a large, hyper-realistic tattoo of Zeus with his long beard just above the shoulder. The tattoo is on the upper back, close to the shoulder. As a continuation, below, and an Ares tattoo that is done in a hyper-realistic style as well. The fact that all of the components have been crafted to appear as though there are two statues is something that captivates our interest. Murat Canart, an artist based in Antalya, Turkey, is responsible for this incredible piece of work.

Ares Shoulder Tattoo That Looks Realistic

This is yet another amazing and traditional tattoo example of an Ares tattoo. One more time, in a realistic style (this is one of the major trends, not only for Ares, but for all the mythological tattoos), ancient greek lettering tattoo, in black and gray, and with a nice degree of detail. Another amazing tattoo artist whose work you should be following, Doug Burkmire created this piece, and you should start doing so right away.

Ares Shoulder Realistic Tattoo

An additional interpretation of the God of War can be seen in depictions similar to this one, in which the helmet is removed so that the face can be seen. One more time, in black and gray and in a realistic style, creating the appearance of Ares’ face seems to be like sculpting a statue, which is something that is extremely challenging to execute. We are rather fond of the shading that was applied to this tattoo by Morgan, who is employed at East Side Tattoo London, which is located in England.

Tattoo with an Illustration of Ares

Now for something that is quite different. It is true that it is done in black and gray, and it comes close to having a realistic aesthetic, but it is not quite the same. This time around, the illustration tattoo is a thing in the composition, with an aesthetic that is quite close to that of the film “300,” which is about the Spartans, if you were wondering. Chris Wirth, who resides in Dresden, Germany, is the artist behind the tattoo, and he works out of a private studio he owns called Back When Tigers Used to Smoke ancient greek mythology tattoos.

Realistic Ares Tattoo on the Back of the Neck

Now it is time for something truly massive, unique, and quite daring, such as the design of the tattoo that is currently seen here. This tattoo depicts Ares, complete with the helmet, spear, and lion, and it is completely blended with the other elements, such as the text or the tattoos in both arms, to create a magnificent composition. Gully, the proprietor of Top Boy Tattoo in Brighton and Hove, both located in England, in the United Kingdom, is the artist behind this tattoo.

Odin is the most venerated god in Norse mythology

Traditionally, Odin has been depicted as having a long beard, having only one eye, and holding his weapon, which is called Gungnir. It is not uncommon to find him traveling with his trusted allies and companions, including the ravens Muninn and Huginn, as well as the wolves Freki and Geri.

Mars is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Ares

In addition to being a god of war, Mars is also considered to be a protector of agricultural practices. He was only second in prominence to Jupiter, the god of the sky, and he was the most famous military god in Roman mythology and the religion of the Roman army.

People Also Ask About Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas

What does the sign of the God of War Ares look like?

The god of battle in Greek mythology is called Ares. The boar, the dog, the wolf, the spear, the sword, and the vulture are some of his symbols.

What does getting a tattoo of Ares mean?

Ares, the God of War, is notorious for being one of the least worshiped deities. He is the personification of anarchy and mayhem. As a design for a tattoo, he is representative of conflict, carnage, ancient greek quotes tattoos, and brutality.

Who exactly is the god of battle Ares?

Ares, the ancient Greek god of war, or, more accurately, the spirit of battle, was worshiped by the ancient Greeks. He embodied all of the repugnant elements that are associated with bloody combat and slaughter. Ares was never particularly well-liked, and the worship of him in Greece was never widespread.

What do Greek god tattoos mean?

What exactly is meant by the term “Greek Mythology Tattoo”? Greek mythology tattoos are almost always in the form of a portrait-style representation of a deity. These tattoos can either just represent that deity and everything that is associated with them, or they might employ background artwork to symbolize a well-known mythical tale. They are hardly never done in color, and the vast majority of the time they are done with black ink.


Ares God Of War Tattoo Ideas – We constantly urge our readers to find tattoo ideas in a variety of places, but we also encourage them to always discuss how they should go with an idea for a brand new tattoo with their respective tattoo artists. If you liked these tattoos of Ares, you might also like the galleries of other gods and their mythologies that can be found by clicking on the links provided below ancient greek symbol tattoos.

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