Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

By | January 2, 2023

Best Anything But A Cup Ideas – Have you reached your limit of drinking from red Solo cups? You’re not alone! The next time you throw an ABC Party, often known as a “Anything But A Cup Challenge” party, the objective is to shake things up by drinking from something other than a cup. In this article, we will discuss 33 non-cup related items that can be used as vessels for liquid consumption. I am certain that you will be able to find something amusing or ridiculous to drink out of, whether it be a boot or a pineapple. Get ready to drink from some unusual sources by getting your straws as long as you can and getting ready to go!

A party with the theme “Anything But A Cup Party Idea” may be thrown for very little money, and the resulting enjoyable memories and images will last a lifetime. All of the following items, regardless of whether you intend to consume mocktails or cocktails, are available in the vast majority of retail establishments or may be purchased from. There are now links to those that are below.

Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

Don’t forget to check out my shopping list below for the essentials you need to have in order to give your beverages the most distinctive flavor possible!

Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

The Positive Aspects

Anything But The Cup is an excellent choice for a party’s theme because it doesn’t call for too much creativity or effort on the part of the visitors, but it still manages to be a lot of laughs and originality in its execution. An anything-but-a-cup party is similar to a regular house party, with the exception that guests are not permitted to drink out of cups. This is in contrast to other college party themes, which require guests to construct elaborate costumes and go to significant measures to participate. This rule applies to all traditional drinking vessels, including but not limited to wine glasses, tumblers, mugs, tankards, plastic cups, and more.

Final Advice Regarding The Selection Of Your “Cups”

Steer clear of glass at all costs. It is not worth the trouble.

If you have a choice between buying anything brand new or something secondhand, go with brand new. It is not always easy to entirely remove objects with washing.

When cleaning goods, do not use bleach or anything else that could be hazardous!! Use dish soap, vinegar and baking soda. Allow it to sit inside, then thoroughly clean it with some warm water.

You will need these straws if you are going to be drinking from an extremely HIGH container.

Pick something that doesn’t need to be propped up on the table.

Invest in some miniature funnels so that you may pour drinks in without making a mess.

FRUIT If you are searching for something to drink out of that is a little bit more attractive, fruit is always a fantastic choice that you should consider. You can choose from such a wide variety of fruits to utilize in your recipe!

For instance, were you aware that you can consume liquids directly from a pineapple? Simply remove the top, remove the insides, and you’re done! You have yourself a unique cup.

Another option would be to use a watermelon

You may make a bowl out of the watermelon by cutting off one end and then scooping out the insides. OR you could make it into a keg out of it! After that, fill it with your preferred drink, and savor it to your heart’s content!

Any one of these peach-flavored cocktails, such as a vodka sunrise, a virgin blue lagoon, or any of these others, will go wonderfully well inside of either of these fruits!

Veggies It’s true, vegetables can also be used in place of everything but cups party. Vegetables are the best option to take if you are seeking for something that is a little bit more savory.

The cucumber is an excellent choice for a cup because it is a vegetable. Simply chop off both ends and remove the inside by hollowing it out. After that, fill it with the beverage of your choosing, and savor it!

Another option would be to use a carrot. First, remove the top and bottom, and then use a spoon to remove the contents from the cavity that’s been created. After you have done that, all that is left to do is pour your drink inside and then sit back and relax.


It’s possible that when you think of a cup, the first thing that springs to mind isn’t a bucket. However, a bucket is actually a very useful container that can hold a LOT of ounces.

You can get quite a few of these at the dollar store, and they come in a wide variety of hues. For this one, you’re going to want to use a really long straw.

The margarita pitchers I make would be perfect for drinking out of a bucket!

Soap Dispenser

Those individuals who are looking for something that is a little bit more special will find this to be an excellent choice.

To clean out an empty soap dispenser completely, all you need to do is take it apart. After that, pour in some of your preferred beverage, and secure the pump with the cap. That wraps it up! You have just been given your very own cup for using as a soap dispenser. Pump away!

Bottle For Condiments

This one is not at all sophisticated, but it is really inexpensive and loads of fun! You can use a bottle of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or barbecue sauce as your container. All that is required of you is a GOOD cleaning of it, and then you may add your beverages. The most enjoyment can be had using bottles that have a narrow opening at the top for squirting.

Blood Bag

This is an excellent option for anyone who like a fright with their beverage of choice!

You can get blood bags at your local Halloween store, on here, or any of those other places. Simply add your preferred beverage, top it off with a straw, and then take a sip and enjoy!

Spray Bottles

People who want to add a little of fun to their cup while also making it very easy to share beverages should definitely consider going with this choice. You only need to empty the bottle and fill it with your preferred drink for it to be ready to use. After that, just screw on the pump, and you’re done! You have your very own bottle to spritz your drinks with.

Cleaning Product Containers

Those individuals who are interested in recycling and upcycling will find that this is an excellent choice!

You only need to empty the container, clean it, and then add your beverage of choice. If you really wanted to get creative, you could even decorate the outside of the building. After that, secure the cap with the screw and dig in! Windex is sure to come out on top every time!

People Also Ask About Best Anything But A Cup Ideas

No Cups Allowed

No Cups Allowed

Anything but a cup ideas funny

You’re sitting in your college dorm room or house on a Friday night, and you’ve just found out that you’ve been invited to an anything but a cup party. This party craze is, without a doubt, one of the most ridiculous and, quite frankly, amusing trends that are happening right now. In addition, an anything but a cup party provides the ideal setting in which to exhibit your imaginative side while simultaneously socializing with your closest friends over a few cocktails.

Anything but a cup party photos

It can’t be the same thing over and over again. This party needs to bring people together, break the ice, kick some serious ass, and generate some memories for everyone. This needs to be done in a way that is original, offbeat, and a whole lot of fun! Because of this, it should be a party themed “No Cup Party Cup Ideas”!

What can I use instead of a cup for a party?



Soap Dispenser.

Bottle Used for Condiments

Blood Bag.

Bottles for Spraying

Containers of Products Needing Cleaning

What should I bring to everything but a cup party?

What exactly is a party that does not involve cups? The theme of the party, “anything but a cup party,” means exactly what it sounds like: no one is permitted to drink from cups. Instead, everyone attending the party is required to bring a drinking vessel that is NOT a cup to use for the duration of the event. People will bring all sorts of bizarre containers to drink from, such as shoes, buckets, flower vases, and the like.


Best Anything But A Cup Ideas – I really hope that this list of ideas for things other than cups helps you get ready for the party you have coming up and that you have a great time. To tell you the truth, this is one of my favorite kind of party themes, and I believe that it really encourages people’s creative sides to come out and play. In addition, it is typically a fairly inexpensive party to either attend or throw, and there is a good chance that you already have something in your house that can serve as a suitable substitute for drinkware. Have a good time at the party, and don’t forget to drink and party responsibly!