Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

By | January 13, 2023

Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas – There is something about a sofa upholstered in blue tufted velvet sofa that gives any living room an air of effortless opulence. It’s hard to say why exactly, but the couch always seems to steal the show, whether it’s because of the pattern on the upholstery or the way the light hits it. There are a variety of different ways to decorate a living room with a blue velvet sofa, ranging from a somber dark blue to a vivid bright blue. I am a great supporter of this movement, which I discussed in the past as part of a tour of an apartment in Los Angeles. Here are some additional instances that are among my favorites.

In the majority of the rooms blue velvet couch, the sofas are paired with walls that are either white or gray; however, some of the more daring interior designers are opting to mix the sofa with a wall that has been painted blue! Some of them are propped up against a whole gallery wall of artwork, while others only feature a single piece of art in their display.

Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

The colors of the pillows range from white to purple to a variety of colors blue velvet couch for sale. The chairs in the rooms are primarily white, but here and there you’ll find one that’s patterned with brown or blue, which I think looks fantastic!

Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

Update midcentury

The modern look is carried throughout the entire blue velvet couches the white paint on the wooden floor gives it a feeling of freshness, but the gilded glass trolley and the lampshade, which has a design that is reminiscent of Isamu Noguchi’s Akari Light Sculptures from 1951, harken back to the middle of the 20th century.

Combinable with gray

Gray could be the ideal option to blue if you’re not quite ready to commit to completely painting your walls that color but still want the added depth and coziness that comes with darker hues. You’ll notice that your blue will look more vibrant if you go for a darker shade of grey.

Take a walk on the shadowy side

If you don’t like wearing bold colors but don’t want to stick with blue velvet furniture entirely, a dark navy blue is a good option to consider. The incorporation of a pair of four-seaters upholstered in the darkest blue velvet gives this predominantly black and white space a sense of depth while still maintaining its formal beauty.

Take some ideas from your jeans

The blue color of this sumptuous velvet sofa has a warm and inviting patina, much like the way a well-worn pair of your favorite jeans might look. The choice of a less formal hue of blue brings the velvet down a notch or two, and despite the sophisticated buttoned arms, this sofa is an informal lounging space that the whole family can enjoy together.

Go nautical

When you combine your sofa with a white hardwood floor and stripes, in addition to adding a second, lighter blue and cotton-canvas fabric in the upholstery and cushions, you may help create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a ship’s cabin or a beachside retreat. The impact is heightened by the use of wood in the armchairs and console, which is styled after driftwood.

Imagine something that is quite modern

This contemporary wraparound sofa is the epitome of opulence and extravagance in blue velvet sofa set form. It’s a royal blue color that’s somewhere between brilliant and dark, and it’s got just the proper amount of style. Keep an eye out for modern touches such as cushions that are plush and supple, hidden legs, and a low back, and make sure the back isn’t too high.

Bring attention to the straight lines

Sharp corners and sleek lines are straightforward ways to give a place a more sophisticated appearance (whereas chunky and curved lines create a more casual mood). The sophisticated sofa with its slender arms and back, tasteful buttoning, and straight-backed design serves as the foundation for this space. Additional lines and angles are introduced by a rug with monochromatic stripes, a mirror in the Crittall style, and a tall, linear drinks trolley blue velvet sofas.

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Blue Velvet Tufted Couch

What colours go with blue velvet?

If your couch is on the lighter side of blue, sticking to soft, complementary tones such as muted greens, lavender, silvery grays, and plenty of whites in the form of lampshades, cushions, the rug, the wall color, and artwork lends an airy atmosphere. This is especially helpful if your couch is on the lighter side of blue.

What colors go with a blue sofa?

Sofas in shades of blue look great when paired with dark gray and dark green. You might also select a shade of blue that either blends in or stands out against the material of your sofa. This will really bring out the color, and it will also make a statement about your style.

How do you design a room with a blue couch?

Selecting two or three colors that go well with your blue couch can help you achieve an overall appearance that is coherent. Complement with bright touches of pink and strike a balance with deeper shades of yellow and rust. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, selecting furniture with black accents to go with a brilliant blue color scheme can give a contrast that helps ensure the sofa is the focal point of the room.

How do you accent a navy blue sofa?

On the other hand, it is essential to strike a balance between orange accents and other tones like blue, gray, black, and white. Alternately, yellow and blue are complementary colors; by placing mustard or bright yellow accent pillows or throw pillows on a navy sofa, you can make both colors leap out at you with a lively sense of vitality.


Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas –┬áTo tie the whole thing together, you may also think about painting architectural elements in the same color as the main body of the wall. You might paint a door, your skirting boards, or even picture frames in this indigo color. These window frames are already painted indigo.