Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw

By | December 17, 2022

Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw – I have such a deep and abiding passion for color wheel creative ideas, and if I were to judge by the abundance of awesome color wheel merchandise available, I would say that everyone else does, too. Not only are they necessary tools for artists and students to study with, but they also happen to be breathtaking works of art. In this post, I will demonstrate how to construct a six-color color wheel, which you can then fill in using any medium you like, including paint, marker, colored pencils, and so on.

Making your own color wheels is a good way to practice color mixing and is also beneficial if you are just starting out and want to get a better understanding of color theory. If you want to take it to the next level and have a little bit more fun with it, you could think about building your very own original color wheels ideas. Scroll down to the bottom of the post, where you will find a link that will allow you to print off a template if you don’t feel like making one yourself.

Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw

You are free to give them any form or design you choose creative color wheel art, from a straightforward appearance to one that is elegant and intricate.

Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw

Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw

Create A Color Wheel In Drawing

To begin sketching a color wheel, you should begin by making a tracing around a round object, such as a dish or bowl. You may also take out your preferred compass and use it to draw a circle on the paper. It would be best if you used paper that was designed specifically for the medium that you were working with. In this instance, I printed my color wheel on card stock, which turned out to be an excellent choice for meeting my requirements.

Figuring Out The Details

If you are not very concerned about having perfectly even pie pieces, you can wing it when it comes to drawing the lines for your creative color wheel designs. This might give the appearance of your color wheel being more casual and playful. This is how you should measure your wedges around the circle if you want them to be the same size around the entire circle. It just so happens that this is probably the moment where the majority of you will choose to print off my free color wheel.

Putting the lines together to create the outline of a huge star

The next step is to join the points where the lines you just drew intersect to complete the star. Make use of a ruler to maintain their order and straightness.

Creating the shape of the lesser star

Make a mark two inches out from the center of the star on each of the longer lines that make up the “creative color wheel drawings” lines of the star using your ruler.

Make a mark 1.5 inches out from the center of each of the shorter lines that are considered “secondary.”

Join those points together to create a smaller version of the star shape.

Printable Instructions For Painting with Tips

The majority of people appear to have the most success when printing on watercolor paper when they hand-feed the paper into the printer. Or, alternatively, certain models of printers come equipped with a paper feeder at the rear of the device, which can accommodate thicker types of paper.

Change the settings on your printer so that it uses thick paper and the greatest possible quality.

If you plan on painting, a laser printer is the superior option to an inkjet printer because inkjet prints are prone to smudging.

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Easy Creative Color Wheel, Unique Color Wheel Ideas

Easy Creative Color Wheel

What is a creative Colour wheel?

Creative color wheel ideas are educational tools that help students learn about the links between colors by arranging the colors in a circle in such a way that it is easy to see how the colors are related to one another.

Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw

The colors red and green

The colors blue and orange

The colors yellow and purple

The colors yellow-green and red-purple are used

The colors red-orange and blue-green are used

Creative Color Wheel Project Ideas

The most common type is the straightforward triadic wheel, which just has the three main colors. It has been proven effective over the course of several centuries, making it an excellent place to start. Its primary colors—yellow, blue, and red—are straightforward to comprehend and straightforward to implement.

Creative Color Wheels

To begin, there is the classic color wheel, which features equal distribution of the main hues red, blue, and yellow around the circumference of the wheel. This color wheel is the one that is utilized by painters more frequently than any other.


Creative Color Wheel Ideas To Draw – You shouldn’t be concerned if the appearance of your color wheel isn’t flawless. As you can see, mine does have some paint outside the lines lol. You can make that look better by painting it white, if you so choose. If you have any white paper showing on the inside of the lines, as long as you used a marker that is water resistant, you can put some water on your brush and blend it till it reaches the margins.