Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party

By | December 21, 2022

Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party – Dessert is one of the most important aspects of any grad dessert table as well as of life in general. You want to have a variety of delicious desserts available for your party, and perhaps even some leftovers, right? For a mouthwatering time during your celebration, consider serving one of these 30+ BEST graduation dessert ideas.

A celebratory buffet of cupcakes, chocolates, and other sweets is the perfect way to say “you did it!” Recognize the accomplishments of your graduate with a lavish grad party dessert table spread that toasts to their bright future. A dessert spread with a color scheme of black, white, and gold is sophisticated and elegant, just like the graduate you’re celebrating. Find inspiration for a sophisticated dessert table for your commencement, complete with cupcakes, candies, doughnut pops, and more!

Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party

How exactly do we go about putting together this very mouthwatering dessert spread? You’ll find more than thirty different ideas for grad party dessert table ideas in this post.

Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party

Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party


Cookies shaped like diplomas are one of the most creative graduation cake table ideas. These are wafer cookies that may be purchased from a store, but you can also make them at home. These are AWESOMELY adorable, especially when tied with ribbon to complete the look of a diploma.


Ferrero Rocher chocolates are always a good choice, especially when paired with graduation caps, if you want to offer your guests a great chocolate alternative for your party. Because they are so delicious, you won’t even have time to enjoy them before they’re gone. It’s wonderful to have choices like this available for people who want to grab something to chew on.


The graduation party can’t be considered legitimate without a diploma and a cake in the shape of a diploma. If you enjoy cake, this is a wonderful suggestion for a dessert that is not only straightforward but also well suited to the occasion. A delightful way to commemorate the occasion, complete with a mouthwatering filling and an activity that everyone will want to attempt.


This watermelon basket is an absolute must have if you’re searching for a graduation dessert table that’s on the lighter side of things to eat after a meal. Enjoy your healthy fruit with a delicious fruit dip. This is the ideal dish to serve during a graduation party during the summer, or if you are going to be outside and are looking for something refreshing to eat.


Cake pops are sure to be a hit at any graduation party you throw! These are simple to prepare, taste amazing, and have an interesting appearance. Construct a large number of them and decorate each one with a unique graduation cap topper.


Another adorable option for a sweet treat that involves cupcakes is to make your own grad cap topper. These are the icing on the cake for a graduation party and are the perfect complement to cupcakes. We love a pretty dessert topping. Do you adore resees? What do you think about skewering it? The following is a suggestion for a sweet treat that you may serve at your graduation party that is both simple and speedy to prepare. Why is it that things that are on a stick are so much more appealing?


This is a creative and easy-to-make dessert idea. If you are looking for something creative to do with cupcakes, a cupcake parfait is the way to go! Your dessert prowess will be elevated to the next level when you use a glass and layer candies at the bottom, followed by a cupcake on top.

Graduation Dessert Table Decorations

Cupcakes in silver and gold baking cups equal gorgeous graduation treats.

Everyone will go crazy for your scrumptious cupcakes, which are decorated with picks and sprinkles of gold and silver and topped with a generous amount of buttercream icing. Your cupcakes will have an air of extravagance about them if you bake them in gold metallic baking cups and then display them individually in silver metallic baking cups. In between nibbles of these mouthwatering sweets, you may expect them to exclaim, “OMG, I’m done!”

Learn how to make these adorable graduate cap anatomy cookies!

If your outstanding graduate is going to indulge in cookies, you might as well prepare them in the shape of graduation caps. Cut your favorite roll-out cookies into the shape of graduation caps using a cookie cutter, then ice them in white with black borders, and finish them off with fondant tassels made of gold. The enjoyable part will be creating the tiny signage! It is possible to write “tassel” or “string” with arrows pointing to the respective portions by making use of a writing decorator tip.

Send your best wishes with a gold coin centerpiece for their graduation table.

This fantastic centerpiece for a graduation party may be customized to match any school’s colors. Make use of a spray centerpiece, and then combine it with a cutout of a graduation sign that is affixed to a skewer. Sixlets®, gold chocolate coins, and the spray centerpiece should be placed inside of a container that is see-through. A delicious suggestion for adorning the party tables and the graduation dessert table ideas buffet alike!

Make a dessert spread for the graduation ceremony.

Hold a party in their honor and serve sugary treats to celebrate their success. Putting together a sophisticated goodies table in black, silver, and gold is a breeze if you have some good ideas. Pick out your favorite sweets and give them a grad-themed makeover by decorating them with mortarboard-shaped cupcake picks and straws, as well as a grad-themed cupcake tower and a backdrop of paper fans with a graduation motif. Unparalleled brilliance!

Pretzels that have been dipped in the colors of your celebration!

Go ahead and chow down on these, because you’ll have the rest of your life to snack on broccoli. Long pretzel sticks and both black and white Candy Melts® are used in the creation of these candies. Simply melt the candy, dip the pretzels in it, let them chill in the refrigerator, then drizzle them with the opposite color and place them back in the refrigerator. After that, arrange them in a color-coordinated pattern on a bed of white or dark chocolate drops. Simple, endearing, and delicious!

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What desserts should you have at a graduation party?

Cookies with chocolate chips.

Grad Cap Cookies.

Brownie Pops.

Cheesecake brownies are delicious.

Miniature bites of cheesecake.


Funfetti Rice Krispie Pops.

Mini parfaits made with strawberries and cream.

What should be on a dessert table?

Make everything symmetrical.

To Accompany White Wine

A Smorgasbord of Different Desserts

Cake Pops.

Edible Image Cookies.

Warm and inviting rock candy.

Amazing macaroons made in France.

Flower made of fondant

How do you set up a dessert table for a party?

Don’t go crazy with the amount of food you eat.

Include a diversity of flavors and textures in the foods you choose to eat so that you have more options.

Maintain the movement of the eye by utilizing height, levels, and rows.

Maintain the order of your show.

Make the display more interesting by using some ornamental elements, such as flowers, holiday-themed products, or pieces of home decor.

How do you keep guests entertained at a graduation party?

Try to Guess Who

Graduates at Various Points in Time

Mad Libs.

Place the Tassel on Top of the Graduation Cap.


Tossing the Ring Around the World.

Giant Twister.



Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party – If your guests aren’t going to be having a slice of cake, we generally recommend serving three to four little desserts to each individual. Because you do not want to overload your guests with too many alternatives, our standard recommendation is that you provide only two to three more choices above the quantity that you have set out for each individual guest.