Annual Curbside Brush Pick-up – Monday June 2nd


It’s time for another Curbside Bulk Brush clean-up opportunity! To help dispose of your trimmed brush and tree limbs, we have again scheduled a special tour through the neighborhood on June 2nd by the Lawrence Parks Department’s wood chipper / shredder. The city crew will pick-up and process brush and oversize yard debris you leave at the curb. Brush does not need to be bundled, and limbs should have their butt-end facing the street.

This is for brush and limbs only – other yard waste is routinely picked up each Monday and trash is picked up on Tuesdays. The brush and limbs will be chipped up to add to the city’s compost and mulch piles. The city is not able to dispose of railroad ties and other wood fencing materials. Also note that city staff is not allowed to go into private yards to clean up or retrieve the debris.

Although it may take a couple of days for the crew to work its way through the neighborhood, they only plan to make one pass through each street. Please have your brush ready at the curb early on the morning of Monday June 2nd.

If you have questions, please call Pat Miller (785-550-6958) or send an email to


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